Venter Poultry

Big enough to supply, small enough to care!

Our Hatchery

The hatchery forms an integral part of the broiler production chain.  Therefore, we ensure

  •  All chicks are handled gently and with the utmost care.
  • Chicks are pulled from the hatchers swiftly to ensure transfer to holding areas as soon as possible.

  • Correct vaccines are administered to all chicks at the correct dosage and in the correct form.

  • After being vaccinated, chicks are held in a holding area in which the environment is controlled correctly to allow them to settle before transport.

  • Chicks are fed and have access to water as soon as possible after hatch.

  • High standards of hygiene is maintained at all times.

  • Between each hatch, our setters, hatchers, holding areas and surrounding areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of new eggs.

  • Before entering, all persons (staff and customers), must adhere to the hatchery’s disinfecting procedures.

What to look for in a quality chick? 

 The chick should:

  • Be clean after hatch.
  • Stand firmly and walk well, be alert and active.
  • Be free from deformities, with the yolk sac fully retracted and have a healed navel.
  • Vocalise contentedly.
  • Not arrive dehydrated on the breeding farm as a result of being held too long in the hatchers, holding rooms or vehicles.
  • Have vaccinations administered by trained hatchery staff.
  • Be free from infection.
  • Have a normal appearance by being bright-eyed and vigorous and free from crossed beaks, curved toes, bowed legs, sunken eyes, etc.
  • Have clean and dry fluff and be normal pale yellow.


Suggested Vaccination Programme

All chicks produced by Venter Poultry are vaccinated up to point of sale:



Day of Age



Disease Concerned






Day 1



Newcastle Disease
Infectious Bronchitis



VH + IB/H120



Day 10



Newcastle Disease






Day 14



Gumboro Disease






Day 18



Gumboro Disease






Day 21



Newcastle Disease



Hipraviar S